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Into The Light - Your Higher Consciousness


A higher level of consciousness is elevating your awareness beyond your normal thought processes.

When people speak of higher consciousness, they are referring to the activation of the part of our brain which we typically do not access, at least not for lengthy periods of time.

When you operate from your higher consciousness you are working from outside of lower consciousness, also referred to as the ‘ego’. When we function from the ego, we tend to be more self involved and self focused as individuals. When we are functioning out of higher consciousness, we access the parts of our brain that make us more self aware, less selfish, and we display more empathy, compassion and kindness. We act from love rather than from fear.


In a fast paced world which can appear to be driven by ego and fuelled by technology, fame, material possessions and status; moments accessing the higher consciousness within us is necessary for balance both individually and collectively.

When we look beyond our ego, we gain insights into ourselves and others around us that would perhaps have gone long unnoticed. We begin to see the truth about situations and people. When we actively seek to understand ourselves in this way, we are open to see the thoughts and belief systems that we have running in the background of our minds, which are allowing decisions and choices to be made unconsciously that perhaps don’t serve us and our highest good.

It is unrealistic to expect that anyone can run from their higher consciousness 24/7, but it is something we can all endeavour to access throughout our day to day lives.


Higher consciousness can be awakened intentionally by exerting our free will. The process can be accelerated in many ways such as; meditation, eating high vibrational foods, crystals, using essential oils, and spending time in nature, for example.

Intuition, also known as the inner voice, plays a big role in accessing ones higher consciousness. Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. As such, intuitions are more subtle & quiet than mental chatter. It’s often said that the inner voice speaks in whispers. It's so important to pay attention and listen. They are messages from the soul (your higher self) and therefore they are closer to the Divine and have priority – or should be prioritised – in the making of one’s decisions. The general rule is: train the mind to follow the inner voice, not the influence of the external circumstances.

* Helpful tip - Intuition has no emotion attached and often arrives as a contained thought. It also will feel "light".