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5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Really Want To Transform Your Life

Do you often crave positive change or want to transform your life for the better? There are so many opportunities in your day to day life to connect to the heart of what it is you REALLY want. But how often do you actually take the time to ask yourself how you can transform your life for the better? Questions are a powerful way to make sure that we check in on ourselves and get to the heart of our intention and see if we’re headed in the right direction.

Below I've listed some questions that I quite often ask myself. They allow you to step into your heart and feel. These questions can be subtle yet powerful as a starting point for transformation and really zoning in on what it is your soul is calling you to do.

The Questions:

Set some time aside to meditate on them, or alternatively you could write in a journal to keep a record of how you feel.

  • What is it I really want? Just for myself.

  • What has to happen in order to create change?

  • What steps of inspired action am I willing to take?

  • How much pain will I experience if I don’t change?

  • What lights me up inside and makes my heart sing?

Once you’ve written down how you feel, make sure you check back in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure you’re taking action and remember that feeling of being connected to your heart.

If you want to bring abundance into your life and transform your life you need be consciously aware that your thoughts attract your reality.

What is it that makes your heart sing? What is it that you really want, just for yourself? Be sure to focus on what it is that you DO want, not want you DON'T want. This is the biggest mistake people often make, and yet they are doing so subconsciously, not realising that they are letting fear and victim mentalities rule their realities. If you are projecting to the universe what you fear, or playing the victim, that is exactly what the universe will keep delivering to you. So, ask yourselves those 5 questions and start re-coding your subconscious mind, instead of coming from a place of fear and victimisation change it to a place of asking yourself, WHAT DO I REALLY WANT!? And then in turn watch your life transform in a positive way.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Love and Light,

Amanda Jane xo

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